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Green Dragon Energy Amulet

Green Dragon Energy Amulet

It’s time to get out of the shadows and show up fearlessly and your most authentic Self. 

For that, you need COURAGE to go into the unknown. And inner PEACE to keep pushing. Both those things is exactly what the Dragon Energy Amulet offers…

Ease into the new version of you that is both soft and calm in the face of adversity and firm and confident when it comes to the inner boundaries. 

Dragon represents fire element and this energy is very loud. Dragon brings in Abundance, it brings in the LEVEL UP! You won’t be able to hide away anymore, it’s time to shine! 

You’ve transformed. Your energy is renewed and your trust in your self is at its highest. Now it’s time to capitalize on this energy, show up for your dreams and expand your energy without shadow of a doubt or insecurity. 

Wear this Amulet when you need confidence, when doing things for your future self that feel scary or uncomfortable like working out in a gym full of people or finally starting that podcast. Whatever your path, the Dragon Energy is there to protect you, calm you and remind you who tf you are.

The Dragon energy will show up for you, in any circumstance, and you won’t have a chance to retreat and hide from your success anymore. The light is shining straight at you, and you accept it all, expanding and growing stronger and better, than ever. 

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