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1:1 Deep Dive on-demand Session

1:1 Deep Dive on-demand Session

Energy exchange guidance session for everyone who feels like they need a push from the Universe to complete yet another spiritual awakening. You will dive deep in the Root of your current situation. You will get absolute clarity about your current needs. You will see what spiritual lessons are in front of you and how to pass them successfully to proceed to the next spiritual level.   

I will mirror everything that you are unable to dig out from your subconscious on your own and we will unpack it, paving the way for the New You. 

A transformative 2-hour session may include but is not limited to spiritual therapy (Diana has an international diploma in psychology), energy readings, hypnosession, coaching, subconscious exercises. 

You will leave with a new perspective, feeling a burden taken off of your shoulders as you have successfully unknotted energetic blockages that were draining your energy. 
Diana also always provides post-session exercises and practices, so you can continue on the path  paved on the session, knowing that there is no way to omit the challenges ahead, but you are now deeply prepared for them as you stay grounded in your understanding of your Self and your Journey. 

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