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BEST VALUE - set of 4 Elixirs to target all areas - Love, Money, Relaxation and Confidence

BEST VALUE - set of 4 Elixirs to target all areas - Love, Money, Relaxation and Confidence

Shift to Higher Vibrations in all major areas of your life. There are 4 factors that allow you to live permanently on your best timeline and we created an Elixir for each of them to make your healing and self development journey easier, faster and more fruitful.

What’s inside:

💛 GoldLux - Liquid gold. Activates your pleasure centers and makes a brain connection MONEY - PLEASURE that dissolves financial blockages and traumas and allows for easy money manifestation. 

💓 EternaLure - All you need is love. From yourself and others, and this Elixir will attract it tenfold. This aromatic potion breaks down emotional barriers that prevent you from being your most harmonious self, creates positive neuro connections in limbic part of brain that allows for manifesting the energy of love.

🩵 EaseFul - Elixir of relaxation and release. There is no success without rest. Being able to slow down the thought process and relax your brain is what will allow you to achieve ambitious goals without burnout. Easeful works with releasing your anxiety and slow down brain activity.

 💜 Majestique - Your invisible crown, elixir of confidence, self esteem and motivation. Action packed blend that promotes energy and clarity and pairs it with courage and a healthy self-obsession. Enhances properties of all other elixirs if used together.

All Elixirs were charged under the full moon. Ultimate kit of the most effective Elixirs that allow you to stay grounded, leveled and motivated while you keep a laser focus on all the things your Higher Self wants to achieve and embody. 


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