How do the Nature Amulets work?

What if the spiritual healing required less time and energy ?

What if we could stay in the state of alignment and balance permanently, without constantly slipping off chosen path?

What if we could recalibrate our mood, energy, and state of being easy, like the radio signal? All of that is possible, if we have such a "radio" - a "storage" for higher frequencies, which we can carry around and tune into every time we feel off.

This is exactly what Nature Amulets do 👇

Ancient healers, shamans and leaders wore Amulets to protect their energy and draw additional mental and spiritual power from it. It allowed them to stay deeply present while receiving guidance from higher planes of existence. It made their energy incorruptible, and helped them expand mentally and spiritually.

Today, if you look up "Amulets", you are most likely to see cheap, factory-made necklaces from corporations and pseudo-spiritual brands. Those so-called amulets do nothing but take your money. 


...they prevent people from finding out what having an Amulet truly means, what magic and transformation it can bring into ones life. We're here to change that.

🌀 Nature Amulets use the ancient craft of Plant Alchemy -  we study the metaphysical healing properties of plants and flowers.

In alchemy, each flower and plant has its character, its vibrational blueprint. 

🧙‍♀️The alchemist combines these plants and flowers so that they compliment and enhance each other properties, creating a powerful spell.

The Amulet becomes a placeholder of that spell.

By wearing the Amulet and interacting with it, the wearer connects to the spell, and their energy transforms to match that of the Amulet.

This means - consistently high energy, permanently good self-esteem and feeling balanced and aligned regardless of the circumstances. 


Every time you are thrown out of the state of flow by external events - you won't need to wait "until the storm passes",meditate extensively or put yourself through harsh mental trainings - you can just reconnect with your Amulet and BE in the desired state. With ease, grace and calm.

In the age of Self-healers, our Nature Amulets are becoming a #1 tool for self-healing, transformation and spiritual growth 👇


Each Amulet only exists in a single copy - unique energetic blend, waiting for its Master. 

Don't chase gurus and wait for things to become better - initiate the change, choose the energy you wish to embody and attract it with ease  - Get your Nature Amulet now. 

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With love,

Bloom & Witch ❤️