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Blood&Milk vial - Dark Goddess Protection amulet

Blood&Milk vial - Dark Goddess Protection amulet

🖤 Comes with a list of meditation prompts to awaken your Inner Dark Goddess 🖤

Reclaiming your power feels so sweet, and Blood&Milk vial has been made with this intention. It was born after I was deeply impressed by Sedna, The Dark Goddess of the sea.

In her darkest times, she transformed into a Goddess, reminding us that dark times are when we change and grow.

The vial is dark red color - the color of Sedna's blood. This pendant will remind you of your inner strength and power you own, of the Dark Goddess within. But there is also milk - a symbol of light feminine and Divine Source. A combination of dark and light feminine, connecting in this vial and in your soul.

This amulet calls you to heal and use your full potential, combining the beauty of light and the power of dark energy. Wear it as a daily reminder and activator of your divine power.

Materials used: sterling silver plated, medicinal stainless steel, glass, cork, natural resin, flowers/plants/moss. 


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Customer Reviews

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The boundaries I never had

This amulet has truly helped me come into my own and has helped me set firm boundaries towards toxic people that I wasn’t able to accomplish before! It has reminded me of the person that I am and that I need to take back my power and never let anyone walk all over me again! Including toxic family members! I honestly love this amulet so much I can’t thank you enough for making such a powerful piece. I’ve worn this too a few events too and it has helped me connect with career driven people that has pointed me in the right direction. It has also upped my sex life with my hubby that and I also love wearing this going out with my him but sometimes it attracts too much attention that my husband tells me ok hunny maybe you should take it off for now😆. It’s honestly no joke. If your hesitant don’t be as far as amulets go i can honestly that her amulets really do work. As long as you follow through with her activation spell and affirmations your amulet will change your life!

Bold fire energy

I could feel the energy of this amulet - like heat in my palms! I already see it will serve me well as I do struggle with speaking my mind and being confident and this amulet makes me feel like a baddie

I really love this!

I really love this! It’s super cute. My only gripe is I wish I could change the chain but the little hole is too small and the existing chain won’t come off, I’d have to find one that I can thread through it before I cut the one it came with. Otherwise love it.

You can feel the intention put into the necklace

This piece is so beautiful and looks exactly like (if not better than) it does in the listing. 100% recommend this piece. You can feel the intention put into the necklace and I can’t wait to wear it!