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Intuition spell jar amulet - inner voice, guidance from ancestors

Intuition spell jar amulet - inner voice, guidance from ancestors

These third eye opening Amulets are crafted with Red Bald Cypress - a powerful plant Natives valued for its ability to connect Our World and Energy World, thinner planes of existence.

Wearing the Amulet allows you to actually HEAR your intuition. It’s always there, in the field of information, but we’re almost always disconnected from it because we are focused on physical world around us with our life & work.

Intuition Spell Jar is like a wifi router for the Energetical field. Wearing it brings to the surface answers you want but can’t get - whether it’s the important life decision or someone’s intentions.

Materials used: sterling silver plated, medicinal stainless steel, glass, cork, natural resin, flowers/plants/moss. 

🔮 Also, if you’re doing Tarot readings / past life regressions or if you’re a baby witch, this jar will prevent unwelcome energetical entities from entering your field.

⚠️ please watch how long you wear the Intuition Jar for, don’t leave it on for more than a week without taking off - trust me, knowing everyone’s thoughts and having your intuition to 100% all the time can be exhausting too :) Ideally, wear it only when you need that intuition and psychic vision on 🤗

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect cute beautiful. Love that instructions were included with it. 💜

Keeps me grounded

I have worn it throughout the day sometimes to keep me grounded and be able to ground and use my intuition as well live presently and i absolutely love it so much! I can't say thank you enough for sending it to me.