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Light&Dark Feminine Amulet Duo

Light&Dark Feminine Amulet Duo

Light Feminine Amulet - Earth energy. Promotes nurturing and loving energy, and helps you become flexible and highly adaptable to any circumstances. Generates wisdom, quiet power, and creativity. When wearing it, prepare to feel extremely elegant as if flowers start blooming wherever your step…Increases your ability to listen and trust your intuition.

Dark Feminine Amulet- Fire energy. Gives confidence, boldness, mischievous, playful energy. Get ready for a sexual release, heightened libido, and extreme allure. You will feel yourself and notice more attention coming your way. As if you radiate pheromones, you are self-obsessed. and people around notice your bright and confident energy. 

Choose one of Amulets daily that resonates with your Energy most. Also can be worn together to represent the Sacred Feminine and merge your dark and light feminine.

*Comes with 2 separate Sterling Silver plated chains. 

Materials used: sterling silver plated, medicinal stainless steel, natural resin, flowers/plants/moss. 

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