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Stormy Ocean Protection Choker Amulet

Stormy Ocean Protection Choker Amulet

This Amulet strikes as more rough and intense protection piece out of the collection. This is due to the “stormy” energy it contains, charged specifically to tame and soothe your own edgy energy.

If you find yourself short-tempered, irritable or just in need of energetic unwinding - wear, caress, even talk to this Amulet to calm yourself down - the ocean spirit within will aid you and calm your stormy waters within minutes.

This piece, as well as the rest of “Aphrodite Shop” collection, represents the multifaceted energy of the Goddess in her countless embraces.  

Which side of her appeals to your energy? 🌹

“Eternal Beauty” ritual performed on this piece makes you soft and alluring, with your whole aura shifting towards the state of flow - like the water element, your spirit becomes unbreakable and flexible. 


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