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Bloom And Witch

Aerial protection amulet for TRANSFORMATION - air element

Aerial protection amulet for TRANSFORMATION - air element

Aerial energy is all about lightness and ease. It flows, effortlessly leaving behind everything that no longer serves it, into the next transformation.

This amulet is meant for people who need more Air energy in their life, symptoms like:
- Hard to let go of people and situations;
- Feeling that you're heavy emotionally, lack of motivation to pursue dreams;
- You feel like you are ready for a massive transformation but you're holding on to your comfort zone.

Butterflies teach us that we can Transform beyond recognition, and you will carry this symbolism into your daily life to stay dedicated to your journey of becoming the best self. Choose the choker necklace or stainless steel chain.


Materials used: sterling silver plated, medicinal stainless steel, natural resin, flowers/plants/moss. 

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