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Custom Inner Goddess Amulet with Metamorphosis Ritual

Custom Inner Goddess Amulet with Metamorphosis Ritual

Metamorphosis is a process of transformation into a butterfly. Changes that not only make you stronger but ultimately show you who you REALLY are. If you’re tired of temporary fixes in your life, it’s time to get a tool that will ALWAYS be there for you. 

The lightness, clarity, and deep, calming feeling of self-love is what the ritual brings, and the amulet keeps forever. Amulet allows you to come back to the Inner Goddess state - feeling of incredible connection with universe, where all your hard emotions and feelings finally make sense, and everything falls into its place. You will awaken a confident, alluring, powerful Goddess within you - reunion that makes you unstoppable.

The ritual is similar to a deep guided meditation, but you will be the one guiding yourself through the step-by-step guide that i write for your specific needs. 

An amulet is handcrafted with healing high-vibrational herbs and plants. They will provide the support you need WHEN you need it, enhancing the power of your intention. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you mention a VALID email address at checkout. 

Lets dive deep and find the subconscious blocks that prevent you from embodying your Higher Self 🤍  Let the Metamorphosis begin! 🦋


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Please, describe yourself, as if you're writing a book about yourself. Some cues to help you: What are the most important things in life for you? How would you describe your personality? What energy/vibe do you give off?
Your Amulet will help you remove any heavy energy you're carrying - Write down, what could be the sources of your negative thoughts / bad mood / stress?
Chose up to three areas that are in need of healing and transformation THE MOST in your life:
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Customer Reviews

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Amy L

I can’t say enough about these amulets! I actually purchased several including this custom piece. Not only are they stunningly beautiful but they really work energetically like I’ve never experienced! Right down to the packaging and instructions I just can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. I’ll be a loyal customer for sure!!!


I can’t say enough about these amulets. Not only are they stunningly beautiful but they really work on an energetic level like I’ve never experienced! I’ll be a loyal customer for sure!! ❤️❤️

Found you on tiktok and was a skeptic…

I never quite heard of anything like that before. But once I watched a couple of Diana’s videos I decided to give it a go - I knew I would at least get a pretty necklace if nothing else works out! So you can imagine my genuine SHOCK when I wore the necklace for the first time. So potent, so bright, it makes my head more clear. And just so it happens first week I wore the necklace I finally asked for a raise and GOT IT!! First time in 5 years! My necklace had properties of courage,luck, and abundance and I mean it all manifested! I’m psyched and will be ordering a second one for my love life.

Positive and healing energy

A beautiful necklace with such positive and healing energy. I feel so different when wearing this pendant, it is so magical and special to me 🤍✨🧚🏻‍♀️

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Massive mindset shift I had when I started wear this…

Where do I even START with this absolute, indefinite, magical piece…. I couldn’t even begin to explain the massive mindset shift I had when I started wear this… I got it before Christmas … I believe in early November and I’ve waited till now to leave a review because I wanted it to be a very real upfront review… I suspected I might have breast cancer because it runs in my family… I was so scared and this was labeled as a protection amulet and absolutely called to me… I wore it to my doctors appointment when they told me that was not the case and what I had was treatable.. I felt so truly blessed because I was so nervous… I also started having fears that were not very much like my regular anxiety and I felt it was negative entities surrounding me.. after receiving this I truly felt protected against all negativity. So grateful!!