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Bloom And Witch

Earth Element Amulet - strength & dedication

Earth Element Amulet - strength & dedication

Using plants and crystals I collected myself in the Arizona desert, this piece has the energy of the plants that grow there, the energy of dedication and strength. Just as these plants survive in the harshest conditions and blossom, so are you, always coming back stronger after whatever storm you have been through. Connect with this kindred spirit and claim this unique pendant, which only copy is as unique as your own soul.

If you resonate with this piece, most likely you already have or need to cultivate more Earth Energy. it's the energy of being calm, grounded, and balanced, yet unbreakable and uncompromising.

This energy helps you make hard decisions and guides you toward a more balanced and calm life. When wearing this pendant, you will be reminded that you too can achieve anything, just like the wildflowers of the desert grow through the sand and heat. 

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