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Forest Queen Amulet - protection, divine feminine, confidence

Forest Queen Amulet - protection, divine feminine, confidence

You are the continuation of the soil you step on. Whole Earth works to make you happy, to cater to all of your needs. You understand animals, you can rule the weather, your thoughts materialize almost instantly.  You posses the powers of Forest Queen, so be careful with your wishes because your wish is a law of the universe.

When you are in connection and full alignment with your divine feminine, those fairytale-like properties are really just your daily life. This Amulet makes you more gracious, soft and calm. It shows you the little things you may overlook otherwise, it slows you down. It allows you to connect to Mother Nature and ask for her guidance at any time. The forest will shield you from any danger and give you anything you might desire.

You will see much more angel numbers, signs, confirmations and remove all the noises that prevent your clear and loud communication with Universe. Choose Forest Queen treatment only 🖤


Materials used: sterling silver plated, medicinal stainless steel, natural resin, flowers/plants/moss. 

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